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Desirée is wonderful teacher, mentor and an extraordinary healer.

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Desirée Dunbar


Desirée has committed her life to creativity, artistry & movement. She has travelled the world studying and teaching Dance, Yoga and Pilates and now with her roots firmly planted in Vancouver, she delivers cutting-edge programs that reawaken one's playful inner child and deepen their connection to vitality, inspiration and joy.

An expert in physical alignment, dynamic movement and energy healing, Desirée is motivated to quieten the mind, elevate the spirit and activate potential at every stage of the game.

Through working with Desirée you can expect practical wisdom to develop your mind-body connection, get grounded and release stress. 

Desirée draws on the energy of her students to co-create an inspiring and energetic space that is fertile ground for deep personal transformation. She has been teaching dance and creating performances since she was a teen. She received a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona where she developed a systematized movement method to integrate energy healing, mindfulness and dance which she calls GUSH.

Desirée lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.



Join me in a wildly freeing and playful practice of dance, surrender & sisterhood that leaves you feeling profoundly supported on your spiritual path.

THE GUSH GODDESS CIRCLE IS APRIL 5, 12 & 19, 2018 in Vancouver. 


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Photos: Erik Price, David Cooper & Karolina Turek

Desirée has taught me so many tools over the past two years to have helped me listen to my inner guidance. Desirée’s presence is powerful, loving and giving. Her easy and playful techniques initiate the power in us to believe in ourselves and our own abilities.
She is inspiring, full of heart, intuitive, and an overall beautiful being yet has such a humble ease about her that even though we were exploring deep places of Self it was as if we were giggling over a glass of wine.