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Heal. Empower. Share.



Are you ready to discover your unique gifts?

Since you have arrived here I know you are aware that you are on a spiritual journey.

Do you want to find out if you have healing abilities? 


The truth is we are all capable of learning skills, concepts and honing natural abilities to heal ourselves, others and the planet.

Which of these blocks is currently holding you back from revealing your magical abilities?

  • fear of your own power
  • fear of being seen or shining too bright in the world
  • fear of prosecution
  • denying that you are capable of facilitating miracles
  • fear of change 

The Light-Worker Mentorship assists you to heal, clear and enhance your energy.

High frequency energies are used to activate, awaken and change your energy.

You will become more aware of synchronicities, more open to miracles and better resourced to assist others- while maintaining healthy boundaries and remaining grounded.

We will dive deeper into topics such as neutrality, self-love, abundance, relationships to release programming and beliefs that no longer serve you so that you feel whole and authentic.

Through this program you will:

  • Amplify your intuition & reveal your magical abilities
  • Enter into the best probable reality for your future
  • Learn powerful manifestation processes for abundance in all areas of life  

The Light-Worker Mentorship is a three term program

Each term is 7 weeks of 1:1 training 

Each 90 min session is facilitated by Desirée Dunbar

Term 1  Change your energy and incorporate energy healing foundations into your everyday life

Term 2  Learn powerful energetic processes and guide others in learning/ practicum format

Term 3  Learn advanced energy healing skills and complete a second practicum


Sessions are scheduled either on-line by Skype or Zoom and/ or in-person in Vancouver, BC.


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