The Secret Garden School provides Private Coaching, GUSH & Martha Graham Dance Technique Workshops, Pilates Mat Classes, Moon Temple Ceremonies and Virtual Circles.

Be given the key you need to unlock your secret garden, the tools you need to tend to the garden and experience the blossoming of enhanced joy, fulfillment and serenity.

Join Desirée Dunbar for a free talk each week on WEDNESDAY FROM 1-1:30PM PST for her holistic health wisdom to live more fully and authentically in WED LIVE TALKS.

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An hour with Desirée brings my spirituality to the forefront of my awareness. She restores my energy, tunes into my unconscious needs, and my physical body as well. I connect with Desirée because I can feel her strong intuition but she also honours my own. It is effortless to be in her space and brings me so much grounded joy. I leave feeling clear headed, in charge of my own energy boundaries, filled up spiritually and emotionally, and find these tangible effects stay with me long after a session and help me make better choices in my business, relationships, and internal though processes.
Desirée is wonderful teacher, mentor and an extraordinary healer. She’s taught me so many tools over the past several months to have helped me listen to my inner guidance. Desirée’s presence is powerful, loving and giving. Her easy and playful techniques initiate the power in us to believe in ourselves and our own abilities.
— miliana arnaut, EMMINENCE SKIN CARE
She is he is inspiring, full of heart, intuitive, and an overall beautiful being yet has such a humble ease about her that even though we were exploring deep places of Self it was as if we were giggling over a glass of wine.
I have struggled in the past from blocking myself from my path and through Desirée’s gently guidance I have been able to tap into my own voice and to trust my intuition. Working together allowed me to confidently take my dreams and journey into my own hands and do so from a place of self-love.