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Do you think Gene Kelly had stage fright? It’s possible!

If you ever get nervous before you have to be in front of people and make a presentation you’re not alone.

When I was dancing and touring a lot I was nervous before every show! I was peeing a million times, obsessing about steps and shaky knees in the wings. just because you have experience doesn’t mean it gets easier.

Notice what the root cause of your nervousness is when you imagine yourself at a job interview, on stage, teaching or public speaking…

Ready to clear your disempowering beliefs and feel less anxiety and more satisfaction when it comes to achieving your best performance? I can help.

Common disempowering beliefs include fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being seen, fear of not being good enough and fear of not being liked (in my case it was a case of perfectionism and striving for the unachievable).

I have a new energy process audio download for you to calm your nerves and create fertile ground for success and satisfaction.

You can listen now below!

Press play and wait a moment for it to begin. Click “Download” on the far right of the bar on your computer to save to your favourite device.


Much love,


Desirée Dunbar