As an embodiment coach and dance educator, I help others get out of their head and into their bodies. The result? Less stress and more joy.

Time to play

Kids in the playground interact with others and their surroundings from a place of pure imagination and physicality. They love being silly! They have yet to perfect the perfectionism we adults embrace.

I place number one importance on putting one’s playful inner five year old in charge and allowing the imagination to be the guide. When that playful child emerges so do delightful surprises and a reminder that life can be effortless and joyful.

Intuition is your superpower

Intuition is our inner-compass. It provides direction in every moment. At times it feels like a gut instinct that defies all logic and at other times it is a faint whisper and we barely know it’s there. 

All artists know their intuition is their superpower. All leaders know it. All entrepreneurs know it. Anyone who has achieved great success will have a story about how they made one of their biggest and best decisions from a place of inner knowing. It doesn’t mean we don’t check the facts, it simply means we know our yes.

Being in a dance workshop that invites spontaneity begs you to turn up the volume on your intuition. The most satisfying moments on the dance floor are the ones where you put your creativity and courage in the drivers seat.

Be a flow state fanatic

Ahhh, the coveted coveted flow state. That space and time where we are at once deeply connected to ourselves and to the flow of life. This is one state of mind where anxiety will never show it’s face. When the music comes on and you’re invited to find a partner and engage in an on-the-spot duet there is opportunity to flow. At first insecurity might get in the way, but eventually when we give ourselves permission to play like no ones watching and the temptation of flow is far greater than worrying how you look.

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My kind of medicine 

The kind of dancing that allows you to embody your whole self is my kind of medicine.

I’ve witnessed countless mini-miracles in my workshops and coaching practice including older adults with Parkinson’s reaching great depths of emotion with the simplest of gestures (it doesn’t have to be grandiose to have impact) and even a 94 year old student with progressive dementia who outwardly expressed her distaste for sitting still in mindfulness practice but then when Beyoncé came on cut a rug like nobody’s business.

It is my mission to create a safe space for curiosity, exploration and friendship that becomes the fertile ground for growth, self-awareness and more and more freedom.

Your bridge to optimal health

Dance is truly the magical elixir of creativity, social connection, mindfulness, exercise and artistry that leaves you feeling uplifted and saying yes to life!

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Desirée Dunbar