#1 Getting Authentic

Do you absorb other people’s emotions? This is a perfectly natural yet unconscious habit that can be shifted easily. When we learn to hold space for others without being drained, life flows better.

Visualize this. Remember back to conversation you recently had. When that person is talking does the energy behind their words come into your personal space? Now recreate this picture and imagine their words stop one meter in front of you. Take what information serves you and allow the rest to melt into the ground. With mental rehearsal this can happen automatically.

 #2 Your Intuition is your Super Power

Talk to any highly successful individual and they will tell you some of their best choices were gut instincts and not from pros and cons lists. Did you know you can learn to develop your intuition? Through meditation techniques and practice you can gain access to greater clarity and inner-knowing.

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 #3 Deep Self-love

Clear blocks holding you back form being wildly fabulous and radiate confidence to inspire others. Do you allow yourself to to be radiant? Are you worried it will make others feel bad or that it’s not safe to be seen? Get to the bottom of those beliefs holding you back and flip them around so you are honouring this lifetime as the gift that it is.

 #4 Dream Big

What dreams do you want to bring intention, energy and action into? Are you keeping yourself small? Are you coming from scarcity or abundance? Abundance is a reservoir. How is your inflow and outflow? When you open the tap to giving you are also opening the tap to receiving. First bring in the gratitude, then make your wish list to the Universe. Practicing giving and watch your dreams rapidly fall into place.

 #5 Helping Others

Are you helping others reach their potential? Than you are a leader. A better word than help is empower. Learn all there is to know about being a compassionate, caring, daring and brave leader. Lead by example. Make sure you’re not holding on too tight and that you are coming from a place of integrity.

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Desirée Dunbar