Do you ever feel like there’s something unique inside you that is wanting to come out so that you can make a difference in the world?

The good news is you don’t have to know the end game in order to begin solving the mystery of your mission and purpose.

1. Get authentic

When you get crystal clear on your core values and begin to take action from a place of service, the Universe responds and life becomes more fulfilling.

2. Be thankful

Being grateful as often as possible leaves us feeling uplifted and from this place of fertile ground our dreams grow faster.

3. Stay calm

How good are you at staying calm, cool and collected in conflict? Being neutral in emotionally charged situations is a talent all unto itself and yes it can be learned. When you have healthy boundaries and you feel safe expressing your needs, you will become a magnet for great things.

4. Make yourself numero uno

Maybe it seems cheesy but self-love is absolutely a priority when you are about to serve big in the world. Make sure you are treating yourself like you would your own best friend. Make sure you are able to receive just as well as you can give so that you have the reserves you need to go the distance.

5. Spiritual trust

When our relationship is good with the Universe (we know when the going gets rough it’s for a reason) we will be better able to surrender to our God given gifts and we will trust that it’s all happening in divine timing.

6. Change the program

We are bombarded with ideas, philosophies and ways of being from the time we are born. Our parents program us and so does school, religion and science. We even have ancestral energy encoded in our DNA. Turn the dial to make your station is perfectly clear so that you know your yes in every decision.

7. Skillful awareness

Learn mindfulness and self-awareness techniques that give you perspective on your feelings and your life situation. Master your mind and inner peace will be your friend. Save the drama for the stage and create a life with serenity, acceptance, kindness and compassion.

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Desirée Dunbar