FEB 22 GUSH Goddess Circle Workshop

Goddesses let us dance the path to wholeness, sovereignty and profound peace for ourselves, our sisters and the planet



Beloved Secret Garden Society Sister,

We come together in the GUSH Goddess Circle Workshop to honour the body temple and be initiated into a sacred movement practice that strengthens our connection to energetic resource, deep wisdom and the Divine.

Each of the three workshops is unique and complete within itself. I welcome you to join the circle when possible. The next series begins in April.

In our next workshop on FEB 22 we dance "From Fear to Faith". We embody this universally felt human journey and take our experience of deep self-love and compassion, higher, deeper and wider. We open our arms to all the loving support waiting to come in.

I offer you this prayer for peace today as we make the journey form fear to faith.

I surrender. I let go and allow myself to be in the flow of life. I am supported by the Universe.
I have a fresh start in this moment. Breathing in, breathing out.
I choose to receive support now. I am healing my relationship to myself and others. I am healing my body, mind and soul.
I am dancing the path to wholeness.
I accept myself.
I recognize I am a vast and powerful being beyond measure.
My body is my temple, my sacred movements are prayers for peace.
I let go now to realize my Goddess given gifts and share them with the world.
I am dancing with the unfolding of life.
All my relations.
— Desirée Dunbar

I welcome you to co-create a new realization of profound peace in our GUSH Goddess Circle this week for all sisters that want to join in-person or energetically. Join me for a deeply personal and planetary healing practice THURS FEB 22 @6:30-7:45pm at Kits House in Vancouver.

Register in form below or simply arrive. Cost is $25/ workshop (including tax). Payment accepted by cash, email money transfer or credit card.  

With love and blessings,

Desirée Dunbar