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v. gushed, gush·ing, gush·es


1. To flow forth suddenly in great volume: water gushing from a hydrant.

2. To emit a sudden and abundant flow, as of tears.

3. To make an excessive display of sentiment or enthusiasm: gushed over the baby.
To emit abundantly; pour forth.

Discover a new movement practice that honours the whole person- body, mind, spirit and soul. 
GUSH brings the best from embodied inquiry, energy healing & intuition development  to facilitate deep shifts and and the divine feminine that is rising within each of us.

I warmly welcome you.

Watch this video to hear Rachel's experience of GUSH Workshops


GUSH Full Moon Dance Ceremonies coming this Summer

JUNE 28, JULY 25 & AUG 26 | Vancouver, BC | 7-10pm | $30

Dear Younger Self,⠀
You are creativity embodied. ⠀
Your gift is to bring in pure expression of the divine through the lens of this body, this personality, this soul. This is a privilege and honour. ⠀
The way your body moves, your flexibility and strength, your curves, supple feet and your intuition, drive, humility and intelligence- this all adds up to who you are in this lifetime. The dancer. As you embrace, hone and share your gifts with the world, you inspire others to do the same. I promise there is a world of abundance and profound joy coming your way... more than you can imagine. Enjoy the process of becoming, as it is destined that you will arrive. You become me.⠀
With love,⠀
Your future Self.⠀

Join me to nurture your inner-dancer, unleash creativity and hone your gifts in in Vancouver, BC. ⠀

I joined the GUSH workshop to have a little fun with girlfriends. I wasn’t expecting to tap in to such deep emotional centers during the processes. The impact of receiving a healing experience while having fun with a great group of women was, in truth, surprising. Each week I’m excited to see what’s next. Desirée Dunbar is connected and inspiring.
How to awaken the goddess inside yourself? How to remove the energy blocks that hold us back from achieving our true potential? Attend one of Desirée’s healing sessions. Playful, fun, interactive, nourishing activities in a safe space to help you develop that peace of mind, body and spirit that might be lacking or even missing in your life. This practice can transform you so don’t wait - you deserve it!!!
— Jennifer Xenakis
Thank you Desiree for the wonderful workshop GUSH! Inspiring and empowering for dancers and those returning or those who have never taken a formal dance class. Desiree’s classes enable you to connect to your “inner self” and your natural ability to express through your outer self.

Do you process life through music, movement and being with girlfriends? I think you are going to love this.

Join me in a wildly-freeing and playful practice of dance, surrender & sisterhood. 

Ready? I warmly welcome you.

With love,

Desirée Dunbar

Questions? Please contact me for bookings and inquiries at

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