Ready to move, feel & let go?

I'm here to support you in your holistic lifestyle with the GUSH Goddess Circle. Come together in circle to unite the body, the unconscious mind, the conscious mind, spirit and soul through transformative movement, energy and moon medicine.

I welcome you to two unique workshop sessions Feb 22 and March 1st @ Kits House in Vancouver, 2305 W 7th AVE at Vine. The theme of the first session on Feb 15 was Activating Aphrodite 

Join us this week on THURS Feb 22 to embody "From Fear to Faith"

and on THURS March 1 for "Full Moon Medicine"

$25/ workshop (including tax). Non-refundable.


I'm delighted to meet you Vancouver women in the heart of Kitsilano from the New Moon to the Full Moon for dance, energy & moon medicine rituals. 

I welcome you! 

Listen to The GUSH Goddess Circle playlist from our workshop "Activating Aphrodite" below.


I am thrilled to be offering a regular Goddess Circle event in Vancouver. All women welcome!

Arrive a few minutes early to sign-in, pull up a chair and meet new and familiar friends. When you come in the front door Joanne, the receptionist, will direct you to the hall.

Bring a cozy sweater or shawl, water bottle and any foot wear that serves you best to M O V E. We won't be using mats today.

Desirée Dunbar

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GUSH Goddess Circle is a safe and nurturing space

for self-expression, sisterhood and creativity.

I see you as a wildly

unique and precious being.

Make time to nourish your soul.

You deserve this now.

Much love,

Desirée Dunbar


PS I have a gift for you! A free guided meditation to bring in supportive energies. Press play and wait a moment for the audio to begin.  Feel free to download it from your desktop computer to save and repeat often.


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I am thrilled to facilitate a space for grace and nourishment in our GUSH Goddess Circle. I welcome you! 

With Love,

Desirée Dunbar

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(Above photos of The Nest Urban Retreat by Brenda Kent and first image of Desirée by David Cooper)

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