Our Holistic Healing Group Session, ENHANCING RELATIONSHIP is today, SEPT 3 @ 4PM PST over on our exclusive Facebook Group.

I welcome you!

Cost: $30 or $99 for 4x session (Sept- Dec, 2018) SAVE $20

Once you've provided payment please CLICK HERE to request access to the group>>>



Can I join in on my phone?

Absolutely! Any device that allows you to access Facebook using wi-fi, will allow you to connect both live and to the instant video replay. OF course you can also join on your laptop or PC.

What if I can't make it at the scheduled time?

Not to worry. The video replay will be there for you to access for your convenience.

Is this interactive? Will you see me?

Unlike training and 1:1 sessions this is purely experiential and there is no Q&A. I do however love to see that you are present. I welcome you to say hi in the comments or share emoticons.

How does the healing work on-line?

Energy healing is non-local and non-temporal meaning that you do not have to be in the same place or same time to experience the benefits.

How will I feel during the healing?

Most people feel sleepy and pleasantly tired as the energies come in. Occasionally you may notice your body twitch. This is called a Kriya and means blocks are clearing. It's a good thing!

How will I feel differently after?

The transformation is different for each person but you will notice more synchronicities (extraordinary coincidences) and you amy feel lighter, uplifted, more grounded and have experienced insights, epiphanies and clarity. You may experience structural healing in your physical body. This isn't faith healing but many participants have expressed that they have experienced miracles in the sessions.

What if I'm skeptical? Will it still work?

Yes! As we dive into the energy healing part of your unconscious will be doing the work for you. Even if you are distracted and doubtful you will receive the benefits.