Beloved Women,⠀

It is time to heal the past and to own your power.

I warmly welcome you to join me for 1:1 Holistic Healing sessions, the monthly Secret Garden Moon Temple in Vancouver, The Martha Graham Fall Intensive and coming soon The BIG LOVE program.

Emerge more self-aware, get clear on your mission, passion and purpose, learn to communicate and connect from a place of deep self-love and create the change that is needed in our world today.

Would you like to be supported in uncovering your potential in career, true love, financial freedom, creativity & health? I can help.

Unlock creative energy waiting to be released and experience rapid and graceful growth.

Allow me to provide you with holistic support and guidance and be your transformation catalyst so that you create a life you love. We are each a miraculous being deserving of profound love and fulfillment.

Are you ready to rise to your full potential? I warmly welcome you.


With love,

Desirée Dunbar⠀