Join me to rediscover your inner-dancer 



Monday, December 10th 7pm PST Online

W e a r e a l l c r e a t i v e .⠀ ⠀

Do you want to be 100% authentic and in a complete flow of presence?⠀  

T e l l y o u r s t o r i e s w i t h o u t w o r d s .⠀ ⠀

Say what has been waiting to be given voice to, through movement and spontaneous gesture. ⠀ 

M o v e y o u r b o d y . . . w i t h i n t e n t i o n .⠀

Join me and a conscious collective of movers in embodied exploration through The Martha Graham Technique and Energetic NLP healing in my FREE ONLINE TRAINING DEC 10TH, @ 7PM PST (VIDEO REPLAY AVAILABLE).  

I welcome you!  

Through the practice of both the Martha Graham Technique and Energetic NLP you will:

  • Increase flexibility & core strength  

  • Create new neuropathways that support body- mind connection for greater clarity

  • Open lower centers for enhanced sensuality & creativity

  • Expand your heart center for enhanced emotional capacity 

  • Feel more confident in body/mind/spirit 

  • Deepen trust in yourself and the Universe

  •  Have fun with a tribe who love discovering new ways to move and express 

  • Increased joy and pleasure in life 

  • Get grounded

  •  Cultivate more discipline, focus and precision 

  • Feel empowered