Happy International Women’s Day!

Dear Goddess, I support you in releasing all programming that may be holding you back from reclaiming your true essence and shining brilliantly in the world. Enjoy this free audio download to feel supported and guided in the manifestation of your dreams.

I surrender. I let go and allow myself to be in the flow of life. I am supported by the Universe.
I have a fresh start in this moment. Breathing in, breathing out.
I choose to receive support now. I am healing my relationship to myself and others. I am healing my body, mind and soul.
I am dancing the path to wholeness.
I accept myself.
I recognize I am a vast and powerful being beyond measure.
My body is my temple, my sacred movements are prayers for peace.
I let go now to realize my Goddess given gifts and share them with the world.
I am dancing with the unfolding of life.
All my relations.
— Desirée Dunbar

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