Beloved Sister,

Enjoy this Virgo New Moon Process to gain optimal momentum and get more into action.

The New Moon begins a new 28 day cycle and the energy is ideal for nourishing your dream seeds for rapid manifestation.

The Friday August 30th new moon in Virgo is just one degree from Mars supporting you in clarity around passion and purpose and urging you towards true love.

Are you seeking your soul mate? Tell the Universe exactly that which you seek and trust that all will be provided in divine timing.

If you are in relationship take time to recalibrate and reset. Join forces in co-creative synergy and re-evaluate what you are creating together.

The new moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all trine Uranus creating a potent space for you to confidently express thoughts, emotions and feelings and be bold with communication like never before. Allow yourself to dream big and take action… even if it means rocking the boat. It is not necessary to have everyone like you.

Sister take a stand for what you believe in.

As the moon waxes towards full on September 14th start fresh, take action on projects left on the back burner and go full steam ahead with projects you began at summer solstice. Do not delay the future. Listen to your intuition and make choices from a place of courage.

Much love,


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