The Empress - Reawakening Sovereignty {TERM 1}

January 5th- March 31st, 2019

Beloved Sister,

I warmly welcome you to join in Sisterhood to heal the past and enter a new phase of being the true embodiment of sovereignty.

In alignment with the lunar phases and seasonal shifts we come together to flow more elegantly with the energies abound.

This is an educational, energetic and embodied experience that will bring profound shifts at a deep cellular level.

Through the medicine of creativity embodied we reawaken and expound upon our unique gifts. In Sisterhood we empower one another to honour each and every one of us as vast and powerful beings awakening to their best possible future in health, happiness and wholeness.

Connect with like-hearted Sisters to walk the path of empowerment, leadership, service and fulfillment.

This portal of consistent guidance, healing and inspiration is your wellspring from which to nourish your heart, mind, body and soul.

This is a safe and sacred space to release programming, beliefs, and emotions and to receive the deep energetic nourishment you deserve.

In gratitude and service,

Desirée Dunbar


Term Outline & Schedule

The Empress- Reawakening Sovereignty

We gather online at the full and new moon of each month in Jan/ Feb/ March for an empowerment ceremony. We also come together for an online interactive workshop designed to reawaken The Empress with each of us. All sessions are recorded and made available in our private online portal.

Ceremonies & Workshop

JAN 5TH New Moon Ceremony

JAN 15TH Workshop- The Empress Chakra Attunement

JAN 20TH Full Moon Ceremony

Ceremonies & Workshop

FEB 5TH New Moon Ceremony

FEB 15TH Workshop- Sacred boundaries- healing the past and opening to the best possible future

FEB 20TH Full Moon Ceremony

Ceremonies & Workshop

FEB 5TH New Moon Ceremony

FEB 15TH Workshop- Soul contracts- completing karma & spiritual contracts for greater embodiment of The Empress & Sovereignty

FEB 20TH Full Moon Ceremony

Join us to heal the past and own your power in The Empress Codes Jan 5- March 31, 2019


One payment of $199 CAN