Work with me



Beloved Sister,

I warmly welcome you to heal the past and arrive home in your authentic being.

Will you join me in an empowering journey to wholeness?

Your Sovereign Goddess Soul longs to be tended to.

I welcome you to learn how to remove layers of programming, energy and beliefs to reveal your authentic hearts desires.

A Private Session is an educational, energetic and embodied experience that will bring profound shifts at a deep cellular level.

I recommend committing to five or more sessions for rapid and elegant transformation.

In one session you will feel lighter and more grounded, in two you will gain powerful new insight, after three you will know your next best steps and in four and five we get to the heart of the matter to clear deeply held emotions and disempowering beliefs holding you back.

Reawaken to your gifts and true calling.

Rise in radical radiance and become a magnet for true love.

Sister I honour you as vast and powerful being awakening to your best possible future in health, happiness and wholeness.

Together we walk the path of empowerment, leadership, service and fulfillment.

It is an honour to provide you with guidance, healing and inspiration so that you may gently nourish your heart, mind, body and soul.

Join me in safe and sacred space to release what is keeping you stuck and receive the deep energetic nourishment you deserve.

In gratitude and service,

Desirée Dunbar

Desirée Dunbar is Intuition Coach, Business Mentor & Award Winning Dancer. She supports women in manifesting the lives they desire while empowering them to reclaim their intuitive superpowers.



As a dancer she experienced a radical awakening on stage in which she was deeply connected to a pure state of bliss and infinite love.

The sudden loss of her brother and a deep longing to release the grief lead her down the path of deep healing and transformation.

She has been blessed to have received empowerments from powerful teachers including Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma), Art Giser, Jeff Tambor and Myorei Zeraffa.

She teaches from the Martha Graham Modern Dance Repertoire, Dr. David Hawkins Letting Go Techniques, Art Giser’s Energetic Neurolinguistic Programming Method and Achintya Devi’s Goddess Rising Priestess Training.

Desiree’s healing process is amazing, I highly recommend it as it restored my faith on many subjects including dealing with the death of a loved one.

Want to get a head start? Enjoy this free three part video series to reclaim your intuition, enhance your life and gain courage to shine.

Desirée is wonderful teacher, mentor and an extraordinary healer. She’s taught me so many tools over the past several months to have helped me listen to my inner guidance. Desirée’s presence is powerful, loving and giving. Her easy and playful techniques initiate the power in us to believe in ourselves and our own abilities.
Desirée is inspiring, full of heart, intuitive, and an overall beautiful being yet has such a humble ease about her that even though we were exploring deep places of Self it was as if we were giggling over a glass of wine.
I have struggled in the past from blocking myself from my path and through Desirée’s gently guidance I have been able to tap into my own voice and to trust my intuition. Working together allowed me to confidently take my dreams and journey into my own hands and do so from a place of self-love.
I began private sessions with Desirée to try and improve my overall well being. Through her highly intuitive, gentle approach, and using a combination of Reiki, visualization, meditation and movement, I very quickly began to notice a marked increase in energy, freedom/ joy in movement and a feeling of being more centered. I was also learning valuable tools which I could use on my own to further my growth. I found having Desirée as a guide increased the benefits exponentially. I am continuing to work one on one with Desiree and highly recommend her.

Your Investment

Single Sessions

90 MIN Private Session is $200 CAN

60MIN Private Session is $130 CAN

5 Session Package

90 MIN Private Sessions (recommended) is $880 ($120 SAVINGS)

60 MIN Sessions is $585 ($65 SAVINGS)

10 Session Package (BEST VALUE)

90 MIN Private Sessions is $1660 CAN ($340 SAVINGS)

60 MIN Private Sessions is $1105 ($195 SAVINGS)

Weekday and weekend appointments available by Zoom (free App Online) or In-person in Kitsilano, Vancouver

To book please email or call/text 604-786-0054 

Through one on one sessions with Desirée I have been able to feel more grounded, authentic and mindful in both my artistic practice and everyday life. Energy healing sessions with Desirée have given me the tools to clear mental blocks, which have allowed me to go after my goals with more ease and success. I highly recommend working with Desirée, she has helped me so much with feeling empowered. Through guided meditations and energy healing Desirée has given me insight on how to manifest my dreams into reality. Thank you!