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Are you ready to heal the past and own your power?

A retreat with Desiree is a beautiful, profound experience that I am honoured to have had the chance to be apart of. Between the wonderful food, a fantastic sisterhood and healing practices you are never short of feeling warm. welcomed and replenished. I left the retreat having gained a powerful energetic shift and will forever be grateful for this opportunity.
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Beloved Women,

Join hands with your sisters in a circle of lasting joy and connect to a symphony of healing energies. 

Together during the blood- full moon and Eclipse Portal (we are experiencing three eclipses in just one month) we call in the Goddess for lasting love, inner peace and planetary healing. 

Heal the past and own your power for all women everywhere.

The Secret Garden 5 Day Retreat at Gun Lake, BC is July 26th-30th. 

I welcome you! 💜

With love,

Desirée Dunbar

Return to Eden 


July 26-30, Gun Lake, BC

Learn about itinerary, menu, pricing and more. CLICK HERE.

Awaken your creativity and enhance your self-healing abilities. Come away feeling inspired, calm and recharged.

gun lake secret garden society retreat

Gun Lake is pure magic! Situated about halfway down, we face East and are privy to the most spectacular sunrises as well as magical moonrises.

I have spent many a night around the campfire in awe at the moon above and the shimmering light it casts on the volcanic lake.

Over five deeply relaxing days you will experience the power of Earth-based rituals in Sisterhood for rapid and graceful transformation and energetic recharge.

There will be plenty of time for walks, relaxing by the lake and enjoying beautifully prepared meals.

  • Do you want a getaway that gives you perspective and recharges body, mind and soul?

  • Do you want to be treated like the Goddess that you are and be provided with the nourishment you want and deserve?

  • Do you value coming together as empowered, conscious and wild women?

  • Do you want to gain skillful awareness and self-healing skills and abilities?


If you answered yes to any or all of the questions then this is for you.

Will you join me? 


This is a once a year opportunity. I hope you will consider coming along for this life enhancing journey.

With love,

Desirée Dunbar

PS Where is Gun Lake? CLICK HERE.


Relax, unwind, immerse yourself in nature. Give yourself the gift of inner peace and nourishment. 


Delicious meals are provided using fresh local ingredients from nearby town of Lillooet, BC (famous for it's tomatoes). Each meal will have yummy vegetarian options and a meat protein. We are happy to accommodate any of your dietary needs (you will just be responsible for meals as we travel to and from Gun lake).

Alcoholic beverages are not included. Feel free to bring a long your favourite happy hour drink. There is also a General Store approximately 6 km from the property.


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I am thrilled and honoured to be your host for these five magical days.

Will you join me?

Learn about pricing and register over here >>>


Are you ready?