Thursday October 3rd- Tuesday December 31st, 2019 ONLINE

Beloved Sister,

I warmly welcome you to join in Sisterhood to heal the past and enter a new phase of being the true embodiment of sovereignty.

The Sovereign Goddess boldly owns her power, speaks her truth, knows intuition is her superpower, honours her body temple and greatly values the co-creative magick of Sacred Sisterhood Circle.

In alignment with the lunar phases and seasonal shifts we come together to flow more elegantly with the energies abound.

This is an educational, energetic and embodied experience that will bring profound shifts at a deep cellular level.

Through the medicine of creativity embodied we reawaken and expound upon our unique gifts.

In Sisterhood we empower one another to honour each and every one of us as vast and powerful beings awakening to their best possible future in health, happiness and wholeness.

Connect with like-hearted Sisters to walk the path of empowerment, leadership, service and fulfillment.

This portal of consistent guidance, healing and inspiration is your wellspring from which to nourish your heart, mind, body and soul.

This is a safe and sacred space to release programming, beliefs, and emotions and to receive the deep energetic nourishment you deserve.

In gratitude and service,

Desirée Dunbar

I am so excited to be part of the Secret Garden Society. Even though I live in a different province...the support, love, and guidance I receive from Desirée and the group is priceless. Together we rise!
It sounds weird, I know, but Desirée has taught me the importance of doing nothing and just being. And trust me when I say, it’s powerful. Meditation and energy healing has become an important part of my life now. “Busy” puts it lightly… school, work, dance, hot yoga, friends, family, responsibilities etc, it’s a lot! Meditation has helped me be able to put all these things aside and let my imagination do its thing. It takes practice to put your – as Dez would say – “monkey mind” to the side. And once you’ve done it a couple times, maybe a number of times, you’ll be surprised to see what relaxing and letting go really feels like (not everyone knows this feeling!! I know I didn’t.) It’s great to stay busy, set goals, make time for others etc, but you have to make time for yourself; your mind, body and soul, for this is the body and mind we are living in. I want to say a huge thank you to Desirée for teaching me about meditation and energy healing, it really has opened up a new and different way of thinking.


Tending to Your Sovereign Goddess Soul

TERM 1 | Outline & Schedule

From Autumn Equinox to Winter Solstice we gather online gather online in Sacred Sisterhood Circle to honour the turning of the wheel and deeply attune to energies that will awaken the Goddess within.

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You will release programming, energy and beliefs that no longer serve you and open more to your authentic heart’s desires.

Each ceremony brings forth an empowerment for your Sovereign Goddess Soul with the introduction to a new Goddess Archetype, Level of Consciousness and Chakra.

A new audio meditation is available monthly to support you in tending to your sovereign Goddess Soul.

Meditations bring greater harmony with astrological influences and season shifts and further attune you to deeply supportive energies.

You will develop your intuition and transform rapidly and elegantly.

All video replays + audio downloads are made available in the private online portal for quick access until the end of term.

An exclusive Facebook Group is available to share and ask questions.

Sacred Sisterhood Circles & Meditations

  1. THURS OCT 3rd @ 8PM PST Opening Circle

  2. TUES OCT 8th @ 8pm PST Persephone Goddess Activation, Heart Chakra Healing & Grief Energy Clearing

  3. TUES OCT 15th New Meditation Audio

  4. TUES OCT 29th @ 8pm PST Hecate Goddess Activation, Throat Chakra Healing & Apathy Energy Clearing

  5. TUES NOV 12th New Meditation Audio

  6. TUES NOV 26th @ 8pm PST Aphrodite Goddess Activation, Root Chakra Healing & Shame Energy Clearing

  7. TUES DEC 10th New Meditation Audio

  8. SAT DEC 21st @ 1:11pm PST Winter Solstice Ritual + Closing Circle

*** Also choose to participate in free online full moon ceremonies and new moon masterclasses each month. This will enhance your educational experience within this program.

Will you join us to Tend to Your Sovereign Goddess Soul Oct 3rd- Dec 31st, 2019 Online?

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One payment of $199 CAN


We warmly welcome you!