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No Need to Suffer, My Top 5 Tips for Total Health on Thurs, May 31, 2018



Below is a summary of my top 5 tips for total health that spell "DANCE" because we all know dancing is the best method to stay happy, healthy and whole.

D. A.N.C.E.

"D" is for Diet.  Did you know fat doesn't make you fat? To learn more about this concept and how to eat in a way that brings more satisfaction, less cravings and gets you to your ideal weight, I recommend going this tried and true site

"A" is for Awareness. Using methods like Energetic NLP, meditation and dance help us bring in an allowing quality and compassion for difficult emotions and energy that can keep us stuck. By becoming more self-aware we gain positive momentum in our life. Learn about Energetic NLP at

"N" is for Nature. Having grown up part-time at Gun Lake I've learnt the importance of being in nature and connecting to powerful Earth energies that nourish the soul. See Gun Lake in real time over on the webcam at

"C" is for Creative Genius. As passionate creative people this is a biggy! When we are overflowing with creativity we bring to the world what is needed. Here are ways to take the lid off of your creative genius:

  • Get grounded. Move, breathe, take care of your emotions and nourish your spirit with activities that benefit you and are fun.

  • Expand your mind. Open the door to pure possibility. Learn consciousness skills that will open your energy centres and open you to your purpose and deep satisfaction at any stage if life.

  • Own your authenticity. Clear away programming and energy that no longer serves you form family, friends, teachers, ancestors, institutions and society and get clear on your authentic heart's wants, needs and desires. Share your purpose with the world confidently!

  • Connect to yourself as a powerful being (beyond just your body in this lifetime). Cultivate deep self love and allow yourself to shine so others may be inspired to do the same. You are a wildly unique and precious being!

  • Feel profound support. Find your people who are also awakening their creative genius and living holistic lifestyles. Work with practitioners who can see your blocks and help you clear them rapidly and elegantly.

  • Make time to practice. If you don't put yourself in a position where transformation can occur (ie a dance workshop, pilates session, healing session or retreat) you will not change. You have the choice to stay as you are OR you can schedule in opportunity for profound shifts to occur that will bring deeper satisfaction, joy and magic to your life.

"E" is for Excercise. We are all well aware of this one but are we aware of the latest science around the best forms of exercise that allow us to stay strong and healthy and promote longevity? Pilates has been a game changer for me and has allowed me to have a long dance career with few injuries. Learn more about this form over on Matt's website at I'm a big fan of High Intensity Weight Training and the best part it only takes 15 min/ week! Dr. Doug McGuff is the expert and has written a book about it, Body by Science. Learn more now on his Youtube talk at

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